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MP-40 MPPT Charge Controller

High efficiency buck/boost MPPT charge controller. Capable of boosting small input voltages up to 60 volts. Works...

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FSL-200 – Fail Safe Load with 4500 Joules of surge protection and 200 watts of diversion.

  FSL-200 (Fail Safe Load) EMP Hardened (When properly grounded) The GetAway Power FSL (Fail Safe Load), is...

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90 Amp, 12V – 1200V Three phase rectifier – (AC to DC). Hoffman NEMA 3R rain tight enclosure.

  90 Amp, 3 Phase 1200 Volt Rectifier EMP Hardened (When properly grounded) 3 Phase AC to DC Rectifier Works...

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Ametek SBD-4201-G – 12 Volt Solenoid with Silver contacts

This is the genuine Ametek SBD-4201-G with silver contacts and silver disc. This solenoid is rated at a full 200...

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15 Amp Solid State Relay (SSR) PCB with plate.

  15 Amp SSR 15 Amps, 100 volts continuous use solid state switch. Used with Solar/Wind/Hydro systems to...

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4) Superstrut/Unistrut Galvanized Lock washer, SS 1/4 SS screw, washer&nut set

Superstrut/Unistrut Galvanized Locking nut, SS 1/4″ SS screw, washer & nut set. Specially designed for...

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4) Superstrut/Unistrut DIY solar panel mounting end clamps & 1/4 stainless bolts

Specially designed for DIY solar panel mounting. For mounting 1 3/4 – 2″ frame depth solar panels to...

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