Coleman Air C440-HVAD Controller


The digital version of the C440-HVA
Wind/Solar Diversion-Charge Load Controller.
440 Amp (In rush) Solenoid 12, 24 or 48 volts.
Digital interface.
2 x 16 LCD with auto on/off switch.
Automatic battery voltage detection.
Built in D/C Breakers.
Factory wired for both wind and solar.
8 x 12 Hoffman Box.
Reverse polarity protected.



The Digital version of our C440-HVA
The new C440-HVA “D”
Diversion and Solar Disconnect Charge Regulator


  • Fully Digital user interface.
  • Solenoid based with 3 stage charge control.
  • No jumpers or potentiometers need to be set.
  • LCD 2 x 16 Back-lit display
  • Both manual and automatic equalize modes are available.
  • Dual shunts for monitoring both solar and turbine amperage and wattage.
  • Automatic Nominal Battery Voltage Detection.
  • Nearly all charge parameters can be set.
  • Relay on time can be controlled and set for diversion times up to several hours.
  • Upper and lower set points can both be set.
  • Automatic LCD back light dimming to save energy.
  • Dual internal Truck Star breakers, one each for your turbine input and diversion output.


  • Perfect for wind and/or hydro based systems and small solar systems.  This controller has been designed for wind systems but also works for solar systems up to 125 amps**

    Note: 440 amps is not continuous, but is limited to 20% duty time in the diversion mode only.

    The enclosure is heavy gauge, solid steel, ready to mount. — Simple and rugged.

    This Hoffman pull box is perfect for terminating larger wire. It has multiple knockouts on each side of the box. The box measures 8.25″ x 12″. The electronics are fully isolated from the box.

    When you compare this controller to the others, you will see why we built it and why we know you’ll love it.


    ** The solenoid in this unit has been tested to over 440 amps. We have installed two 150-amp breakers as a standard configuration.
    This allows for 9000 watts of wind power in a 48-volt system, 4500 watts in a 24-volt system and 2250 watts in a 12-volt system.
    Solar systems should be designed for no more than 125 amps continuous current.. **

Additional information

Weight 192 kg
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 4 cm


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