4) Unistrut / Superstrut Solar Rack Panel mount mid clamp hold-down set


1/4″ Thick 1″ Wide Aluminum “Z” Battery Straps
Specially designed for Professional, Quality Battery to Battery Interconnection.

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Specially designed for DIY solar panel mounting.

For mounting 1 1/2 – 2″ frame depth solar panels to the unistrut channel.


  • For use in mounting solar panels to Unistrut or Superstrut. These are used between the panels.
  • For panels having a frame height of 1 1/2 to 2″. May work on thicker panels, but this has not been tested.
  • Mid Clamps, are securely tightened to the unistrut using 1/4″ SS steel bolts. Will not slide or loosen.
  • Heavy duty 1/4″ thick x 1-3/8″ Square top washers, with our custom made 1/4″ thick unistrut washers.
  • Super easy to install using electric driver and 7/16″ socket, bottom lock washer will not turn in the unistrut.



This item consists of
4) Unistrut/Superstruct compatible lock nuts, made of 1/4″ thick 6061 aluminum.
4) Solar Mid Panel square washers, made of 1/4″ thick, 1-3/8″ square – 6061 aluminum. Super strong
4) Stainless steel 1/4″ x 3″ hex bolts.
4) Stainless steel 1/4″ hex nuts.
4) Stainless steel 1/4″ washers.

Please note. Any unistrut channel, inverters, tools and/or solar panels shown in the photo(s) are not included, only the items specifically designated above.

  • Precision cut on our Waterjet cutter in Coleman Texas, U.S.A

Perfect for DIY Solar racking!!

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 2 × 4 × 1 cm


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