4) 4-3/8 Solar Self Sealing Aluminum Roof Mounting Brackets, Rack/Rail standoffs


1/4″ Thick 1″ Wide Aluminum “Z” Battery Straps
Specially designed for Professional, Quality Battery to Battery Interconnection.

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Specially designed for DIY solar panel mounting.

Perfect for mounting Unistrut or Superstrut rails (or nearly any type of rail) to a metal roof.
Self sealing, with 4-3/8″ total stand off.


  • For use in mounting solar panels using common Unistrut or Superstrut rails to a metal roof.
  • Pre-drilled holes (3/8″) are spaced to accommodate Unistrut (See pictures)
  • Brackets are made of 1/8″ thick aluminum plate.
  • Self sealing, soft rubber pads, minimize or alleviate the use of any type of sealant.
  • Extremely weather resistant.
  • Unique design — Super quick installations..
  • Can be used on wood, shingle and composite roofs as well.



This item consists of
4) Aluminum “Z” standoffs – 3-5/8″ tall.
4) Rubber, self sealing pads 3/4″ thick (These compress when screwed down to the roof) –


  • Precision cut on our Waterjet cutter in Coleman Texas, U.S.A

Please note. The Unistrut channel, inverters, tools and solar panels shown in the photo(s) are not included, only the standoffs and rubber pads.

Perfect for DIY Solar racking!!

Additional information

Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 9 × 4 × 1 cm


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